¿Qué son las calleras y para qué?

What are the streets and why?

Crosstraining grips are a popular accessory among strength training and fitness athletes. These are pieces of fabric or leather that fit into the palms of your hands and protect against blisters, scrapes, and tears during weightlifting and barbell exercises.

Crosstraining is a type of training that combines different sports disciplines, such as weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio, to improve strength, endurance and flexibility. Athletes who practice crosstraining typically do high-intensity exercises that require a strong grip and hand resistance. This is where roadblocks can be of great help.

Crosstraining grips are designed to cover the palm and fingers, leaving your fingers free to grip the bar and other equipment. These are made of resistant materials such as leather, neoprene and fabric, which offer greater protection against wear and friction. The leggings also feature a Velcro closure or elastic loop that fits around the wrist for a secure and comfortable fit.

In addition to protecting your hands from blisters and scrapes, grips can also help improve grip during weightlifting and barbell exercises. This is especially useful when doing high-intensity training, where muscle fatigue can affect grip and hand stability. Grips can provide additional grip and help maintain control of the bar during lifts.

It is important to note that grips should not be used as a permanent solution to grip problems. Athletes should work on strengthening their hands and fingers through specific exercises to improve their grip and stability on the bar. Grips should only be used as a temporary accessory to protect your hands and improve grip during training.

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