¿Usar cinturón o no?

Wear a belt or not?

Weightlifting belts are a common accessory used by weightlifting and strength training athletes. These belts are designed to provide support and stability to the core during weight lifting, thus protecting the spine and preventing injuries.

Weightlifting belts are typically made of leather, neoprene, or other strong, durable materials. They are designed to fit around the waist and lower back, and fasten with a buckle or Velcro for a secure, comfortable fit. Weightlifting belts are available in different sizes and thicknesses to suit the needs of athletes.

The main purpose of weightlifting belts is to provide core support during weight lifting. When doing a heavy lift, your core has to work hard to stabilize your spine and maintain proper posture. Weightlifting belts help increase intra-abdominal pressure, which in turn provides additional support to the core and reduces the risk of spinal injuries.

In addition to providing core support, weightlifting belts can also improve lifting technique. By maintaining proper posture and stabilizing the spine, athletes can improve their ability to lift weights effectively and safely. Weightlifting belts can also help prevent injuries to other areas of the body, such as the pelvis and hips.

It is important to note that weightlifting belts should not be used as a permanent solution to technique or strength problems . Athletes should work on strengthening their core through specific exercises to improve their ability to lift weights effectively and safely. Weightlifting belts should be used only as a temporary accessory to provide additional support and improve lifting technique.

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